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How To Bond With Your Child

Developing a close relationship with your child is very important, and it is also one of the most rewarding […]

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Talking to Toddlers

Newborn Baby

Your Guide To Your Newborn Baby

Having a baby is an exciting time for a any new parent, but it is also a very stressful time. Learning what all your baby needs and how to take care of your newborn can at first seem overwhelming; however, the joy of a newborn baby far outweighs any stress that may occur. The following article will offer a wealth of information on how to properly care for your newborn and keep you and your baby happy […]

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Parenting Tips To Help Keep Your Toddler Busy

Toddlers always seem to be busy doing something. Their whole day is about playing and exploring, and it can seem like everything is an adventure to them. Although this is a fun time in your child’s life, it is sometimes a challenging time from a parenting perspective. Toddlers demand a lot of attention, so finding time to do much else can be difficult. This article will give you some ideas of how to keep your toddler busy […]

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Great Tips to Help with Your Breastfeeding

There’s nothing more natural and more nutritious for your new baby than to breastfeed, but a lot of new mothers believe that it’s far too difficult to keep up with and ultimately opt for formula. Here are some great tips you can use to ensure that your breastfeeding is successful. Right after your child is born, the hospital may want to get the baby on formula. You should make it clear that you want to breastfeed from […]

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Happy Kids

Parenting Teenage Kids

Some Good Tips For Teen Parenting

┬áParenting a teenager isn’t an easy task. Parenting overall isn’t an easy task, but teens especially can give you a hard time. They are going through their rebellious phase, and they aren’t very accommodating at times. There is much to consider when dealing with teenagers, and molding them correctly is very important. Continue reading for some good tips for teen parenting. Teenagers really know how to push the buttons of their parents. While it can be easy […]

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Late-Game Parenting: How to Handle Your Teen

Parenting is the greatest challenge that most people will ever face. It certainly seems challenging at the beginning, when you take responsibility for a helpless being with no respect for your sleep schedule! Yet there are greater challenges waiting after years of hard work. When your child becomes a teenager, they gain the ability to look after themselves (sort of). Your job as a parent is not done, though, and in fact it gets harder. Here are […]

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Is Your Teen Using Drugs? Common Warning Signs

As a parent, one of the most frightening things you may face is the possibility that your child is using drugs, either illicit or over the counter. Addressing a teen’s possible drug use is critical–in fact, it may ultimately be the difference between life or death. Before you confront your son or daughter, look for these common warning signs that he or she may be using and abusing substances. If you come across any red flags, do […]

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How To Parent A Teenager

Do you have children in their teens? Parenting a teenager can be very challenging. You should read this article for some helpful advice on this topic. You should expect the relationship you have with your child to change during their teenage year, and you should adapt the way you parent your child as they grow older. You might have to be stricter when it comes to rules and give your child more responsibilities to help them become […]

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